Next Global Climate Strike: March 3, 2023!

On Friday, March 3, 2023, people around the world will again take to the streets to demonstrate for climate justice policies!
Despite a new government under Olaf Scholz, who put up posters claiming “Chancellor for Climate Protection” during the election campaign, the current German government will also once again fail miserably to meet its own targets of emitting fewer greenhouse gases.
While parts of the government dream of making it easier to rebuild highways in the future and it suddenly seems necessary as a matter of course to ramp up coal-fired power plants and build new liquefied natural gas terminals, countless people in the global South, but increasingly also in Europe and Germany, are already suffering the consequences of the climate catastrophe.
At the same time, new evidence shows that even the goals of the Paris climate agreement will only be enough to prevent global tipping points from occurring if we are very lucky. These tipping points have the potential to trigger a chain reaction that will change our environment in a way that life on large parts of the Earth’s surface will no longer be possible!
In these times we stand resolutely against a “business as usual”, against naive belief in technology and fatalistic blindness.
Join us and come to the square of the old synagogue in the center of Freiburg on March 3rd at 12 o’clock!
We are here, we are loud – BECAUSE YOU ARE STEALING OUR FUTURE!

Not in Freiburg? Check the nationwide map for a strike near you!