Rave The Rempart

On Thursday, June 2, starting at 11 am we will be back on the streets for the third rave on Rempartstraße (in front of the Mensa Rempartstraße)!

As always with good music, happy vibes and possibly some sweets.

To start, some good news: the initial report, which stated that the City of Freiburg wanted to lift the restrictions on the one-way traffic and reinstate two-way traffic on the Rempartstraße, has been revoked. As it stands the City of Freiburg has stated that this was never the case – the one-way traffic would remain as is.

However, for a sustainable and safe bike/pedestrian space we need to go further.

Our demand: Restrict (ban) motor traffic and motor vehicles completely on the Rempartstraße and repurpose the existing parking garages.

So come onto the street and dance with us to push for faster and effective changes in the city’s traffic infrastructure.

The current traffic infrastructure in the City of Freiburg is greatly diminishing the quality of life and dangerously affecting the safety of pedestrians and bikers. The Rempartstraße, located between the Mensa and University Building 1 [Kollegiegebaude 1], cuts through the middle of a central hub of student life. The street allows for thorough traffic and access to the parking garages. However, this leads to increasingly dangerous situations between motor vehicles and pedestrians, especially during the hours of operation of the Mensa.

Furthermore, the advances of climate change do not leave any time to hesitate. It is essential that the existing infrastructure be changed to help the planet. Downtown areas [Innenstädte] must be freed from motor vehicles – especially in the so-called “bike city Freiburg”.

Therefore we demand that motor vehicles and traffic be banned completely on the Rempartstraße from the intersection Kaiser-Joesph-Straße to Werthmannstraße.

Another issue we can address through this demand (and the change in infrastructure) is the lack of affordable housing and bike racks (for normal and cargo bikes). The existing parking spaces are always filled during the peak hours of university activity which in turn compromises space for pedestrians.
Here we demand that the parking garage on the side towards the Breisacher Tor be repurposed for affordable housing and the university parking garage be repurposed into a garage for bikes.