Climate protection is not a crime – thank you for being so many!

“I have been appalled for days.” an activist of the Last Generation begins her speech, speaking from the heart of many of those present.

About 250 people came to the spontaneously organized rally, more than we could have hoped for.

Less than 48 hours before, the Bavarian public prosecutor’s office was responsible for searching the apartments of activists throughout Germany, blocking accounts and “confiscating” the website and communication channels, i.e. censoring them from the public. Immediately afterwards, people who wanted to access the website were informed by the public prosecutor’s office that the group is a criminal organization and that anyone who participates or donates is liable to prosecution.

“Did I miss a court ruling?”

No, but the question posed in another speech seems legitimate: Since when, in a constitutional state, does the public prosecutor’s office pronounce judgments, decide for itself whether a crime has been committed, without even having opened a court case? After an hour, the aforementioned notice disappears again, of course without justification or apology from the responsible persons. Just a mistake?!
The mood on the square of the Old Synagogue in Freiburg’s city center is horrified. Repressions against the climate justice movement, state persecution and bourgeois-media disparagement of activists are frustratingly familiar to most here, but the new quality is nevertheless appalling. From insults (“completely crazy”, Olaf Scholz in front of students) to completely disproportionate prison sentences of several months for sitting on the street for a few minutes to house searches like terrorists, which obviously do not serve to gain knowledge but only to intimidate – seen positively it becomes clear: the powerful are afraid!

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the people who stood with us yesterday against these perfidious tactics, who came in such large numbers despite the short-term mobilization.

As Students For Future, we choose different forms of protest than the activists of Last Generation. However, the whole climate justice movement is united by the concern and the will to fight peacefully for a future worth living with all our efforts, which is why we stand in unbroken solidarity with them.

The climate justice movement will not be divided – CLIMATE PROTECTION IS NOT A CRIME

In the gallery you can find some pictures of the demonstration and the protest march, which was formed after the end of our rally without our participation by brave and committed people.

Kundgebung auf dem Platz der Alten Synagoge, etwa 250 Menschen stehen im Kreis auf dem Platz, einige Menschen tragen eine orange Weste und eine große Fridays For Future Flagge weht

The past has shown that civil resistance works – the women’s rights movement, the anti-apartheid movement – here and now is the moment to show once again that together we can do great things!
Together, let’s show the government that we refuse to sit still and accept our fate in silence and resignation in the face of increasing water scarcity and heat.
Let’s show the government that we will take them at their word when they enshrine the protection of our livelihoods in the Constitution.
The success of past protest movements and current science are on our side.

Quote from Sina, activist at the Last Generation, in their speech at the rally (translated)
Die Aktivist*innen des Protestmarsches verlassen die Straße und laufen unter einer Fußgängerbrücke hindurch in den Stadtgarten. Im Hintergrund ist der Turm des Freiburger Münster zu sehen

Thanks to Georg from Students For Future for the photos, Sina and Zoe from Last Generation for the speech quotes!