Highway Demonstration

We demonstrate on the highway! – July 17th
The climate crisis continues to advance and the transport sector is the only one that has not reduced its greenhouse gas emissions for decades – improved efficiency continues to be “compensated” by more, bigger and heavier cars. At the same time, the fact-free myth continues to be propagated that traffic bottlenecks can be solved by building new and expanding existing expressways and highways. In the process, large quantities of emissions are released, intact natural areas are cut up or destroyed, and agricultural areas are simply concreted over.

This may not continue!

That’s why we will be demonstrating by bike on the highway on July 17!

We will meet at 2 p.m. on the square of the Old Synagogue (“Platz der Alten Synagoge”). After an opening rally, we will take the B31 autobahn feeder road to the A5 autobahn, which we will use to get to the North exit, where an intermediate rally will take place. From there, we will take the B294 and B3 back to Freiburg, where we will conclude on the square of the Old Synagogue once again loudly and resolutely demanding a real traffic turnaround. You can find our complete demands here: