Soliarity with Genug ist Genug (“Enough is Enough”) Freiburg

The activist group Genug ist Genug Freiburg (“Enough is Enough Freiburg”) calls for solidarity in dealing with the current inflation and energy crisis. As a group fighting for a social-ecological transformation, the Students For Future Freiburg show solidarity with the action alliance.
The current crisis is neither a coincidence nor a force of nature: we are experiencing a fossil crisis, i.e. a crisis that is due to our dependence on fossil energies such as coal and gas and the growth compulsion of our current economic system.
With price increases and the threat of not being able to pay for food and heating bills, those who have been suffering the effects of the system for decades are now suffering again from the current crisis: People who work in low-paid but system-relevant jobs as well as people who are disadvantaged in our society because of illnesses, disabilities or discrimination.

Enough is enough!

This refers not only to the fact that we are fed up with living in a system that exploits people and nature for the profit of a few, but also that there is enough for everyone – if we distribute it fairly and use natural resources responsibly.
Therefore, we join the demands of the alliance, such as taxing the super-rich, helping people with low incomes and promoting sustainable mobility and energy production.

The Students For Future Freiburg call to participate
in the demonstration on December 10 at 12 pm
at the Square of the Old Synagogue (Platz der Alten Synagoge) in downtown Freiburg!