Events in the Upcoming Semester

The new semester starts soon – and it comes with many opportunities for you to join us!

No matter if you are new to Freiburg or have been here for a while: Just drop by 🙂

Rave The Rempart

Rave the Rempart goes into a new round for the new semester.
We are still fighting for a car-free Rempartstraße. Space for bicycles, space for people, no space for cars.
On October 12, it’s all happening again on Rempartstraße from refectory time until the evening. We’ll have great beats again and in the evening the Weltbildhauer*innen will provide a good atmosphere on Rempartstraße. There will also be a small handicraft offer and delicious vegan waffles.
Come by, sign our petition and bring all your friends.

Where? Rempartstraße
When? Thursday, October 12th, 11:30 am to 7 pm
What? Dance demonstration with rave music and more

Open Plenum

Wednesday, October 18th at 6pm, there’s an open plenum especially for those that are new and interested in seeing what we do.

Everybody who wants to is welcome! We all get to know each other, give a little insight into the structures and are available for any questions. There will be drinks and cake. You don’t need to bring anything except a sweater for the evening when it gets colder.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Where? Seebühne, Seepark
When? Wednesday, October 18th starting 18 Uhr
What? Open Plenum for those who want to join

Important: If it rains, we’ll find an alternative and inform you via Instagram.

Public Climate School

Public Climate School is a week-long program bringing more climate education to schools and universities. More info to come!

Wo? Different Places at the university and in the inner city
When? November 20th to 24th
What? Lectures, Workshops, … more info to come!

Also: Every Wednesday 8 p.m. Plenum at the AStA, Belfortstr. 24!