Exchange Party

Place: StuRa-Innenhof, Belfortstr. 24
Is your closet full but you still don’t have anything to wear? You love plants and would love a few new ones. Perfect!
On Saturday, May 21. From 10 to 15h we, along side Hochschultagen für Nachhaltigkeit, will be hosting an exchange! Clear out your closet and bring clothes, books and plant cuttings and go home with a few cool new things. An added bonus: vegan waffles!!
Side note: You can take clothes without bringing any. Plants, however, can only be traded.

Rave The Rempart

Place: Rempartstraße
Why are we dancing, you ask yourself? More room for bikes, more room for humans, room for walking, no room for cars.
On Saturday, May 21, we will host the second (famous) Rave the Rempart, and need your support. So join us from 15-21.30h to dance in the street and protest the backwards moving traffic regulation in Freiburg.
Featuring our famous song, “Warum wir hier raven, fragst du dich?” and other music.
The resistance will continue until all the Old Town is a car free area.

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