Lecture: Climate Change and Health: Not Just Heat!

Lecture: Climate Change and Health: Not Just Heat!

Prof. Dr. Matzarakis

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Place: HS3219 (Kollegiengebäude III) and online
Andreas Matzarakis works at the Center for Medical-Meteorological Research of the German Weather Service, where he researches the effects of climate change on the health of humankind.

The global climate crisis is not just a challenge for the health care system. The spectrum of clinical and health consequences affect almost the whole human body. It covers the entire whole of our daily lives. Intense, long-lasting and frequent heat waves raise the thermal burden and the rising temperatures elongate the vegetation period, causing an drastically longer pollen season. Changes in the atmosphere influence the UV-radiation, which in turn changes the extracurricular activities/patterns of humans; more time in the sun causing more sunburns and an increase in skin cancer. Changing weather and and increase in extreme conditions influence these weather induced aches and pains. Vector-borne infectious diseases are also appearing with more frequency in our society. In part, the effects of climate change are already felt today, now. With the continued rise in global temperatures the conditions on Earth will worsen, creating more and more issues for its inhabitants. Our health and the entirety of the healthcare system is threatened.
The lecture will also be streamed live here and will be available as a podcast afterwards.

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