The Climate Crisis in the Amazon rainforest – drivers, impacts, and some sustainable solutions implemented

Time: 12:15 p.m. – 2 p.m.
Place: University KG I Room 1019

Maiara da Silva Gonçalves (UCF)

The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges we are facing right now. Hereby, certain regions play a substantial role, when it comes to, global warming and the biodiversity crisis.

One of those regions is the Amazonas Rainforest. It is the largest remaining tropical rainforest in the world and is habitat of at least 10% of the world´s known biodiversity. However, during the last half century, the seemingly endless Amazonas has already lost more than 17% of its forest cover, leading to the loss of habitat for many species-and biodiversity.

Not only does the rainforest play a critical role in maintaining climate functions regionally, but also globally, since the release of the amount of carbon stored in the forest accelerates global warming significantly.

The economic transformation of the Amazonas is still increasing, which not only leads to more habitats lost for animal and plants, higher CO2 emissions, but also threatens the livelihood of many indigenous communities.

Made clear by this short introduction the Amazon Rainforest plays a significant role in the fight against the climate crisis. So, if you want to better understand the different drivers involved in crisis, their impacts and even what sustainable solutions can be implemented to overcome the challenges, then come to the Maiara Gonḉalves talk.

The talk is in English.

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Place: University KG I Room 1019

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