Cake Stand

Place: Rempartstraße (next to the Mensa Rempartstraße)
Vegan cake for all (and the climate) – Rempartstrasse 🙂

The Climate Puzzle

Place: Breisacher Tor, R101
No patience (and no time) to read the 2000 page long World Climate Report? 🧐
Instead of struggling through all the fine print come join us, like 300,000 other people and take part in the workshop: The Climate Puzzle. This workshop makes it possible to educate you on the facts of the IPCC Report in an easy and fun fashion. Your knowledge will be tested, shared and deepend! With our 42 playing cards we will reveal (and you will learn) the most central and important information from the current IPCC Report.
Apart from the lasting learning effect, one thing is very important: you read the report alone and puzzle together.
At the end there will be plenty of time to and space to reflect and share thoughts, motivations and fears – as well as a chance to think about the next steps.
Just swing by!

Lecture Climate Change and Communication

Place: HS1142 (Kollegiengebäude I)
Communication is, in many ways, one of the most important tools in the fight against climate change.
Problems and possible solutions have been (sufficiently) researched – now it is important to communicate these in ways that are clear and meaningful, so that the economy, the politics and society finally begin to act.
The more people that are able to communicate clearly, who are able to do so without hesitation, the faster we will steer the Climate Debate in the right direction, allowing for meaningful change.

Movie „Vergiss Meyn nicht“ in the municipal cinema

Place: “Kommunales Kino” at the old Wiehre station (“Alter Wiehrebahnhof”, Urachstraße 40)

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