“Dear Future Children”

“Dear Future Children”

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Place: Kommunales Kino (at the Old Wiehre Bahnhof)
Together with you, we want to experience a wonderful night at the Kommunalen Kino Freiburg.
“Dear Future Children” is a documentary from a group of young filmmakers about the activism of three young activists around the world. Funded through crowd-funding, this film accompanies these three young people to gain insights into the activism on three different continents.
Rayen protests for social justice in Chile.
Pepper fights for democracy in Hong Kong.
And in Uganda, Hilda engages in the battle against the consequences of Climate Change.
In part, this activism has dire consequences in the personal lives of these women. Why do they continue?
Following the film, you will have the opportunity to speak with the director of the film and other special guests about any questions or thoughts you have – even time to reflect.
So join us by the Old Wiehre Bahnhof!

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