Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

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Place: Max-Kade-Auditorium I (Alte Universität)
During this event, five representatives from political, economic, scientific, research and activism areas of expertise will come together to debate “The Responsibility of the Economy in Regards to the Climate Crisis”. In the foreground of the debate is the open exchange of ideas and perspectives, with a reflection on solutions or ideas proposed from the different viewpoints.
The panel will be comprised of:

  • Sophie Schwer, Environmental Scientist, Member of the Freiburg community council for the Buendnis 90/Die Gruenen, Member of the AK Climate Protection
  • Philipp George, Member of the Students for Future Freiburg
  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Pauliuk, Professor for sustainable Material Flow Management at the University Freiburg
  • Dr. med. Christof Wettach, Pediatrician
  • Dr. Wolf-Dieter Winkler, Engineer, Member of the Freiburg Community Council for Freiburg Lebenswert (Quality of Life) e.V.

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